Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fresh from the oven. New cycle.

Thank you, Jesus.  I finally (FINALLY!) got my period on Friday and don't think I've ever been happier to see it.  Last month was a mess.  I don't even want to go in to how nuts I was going, but it was a mess.  My doctors office, and really the nurse, was harrassing me throughout this entire deal to come in and monitor my ovulation.  If anyone is looking for a good and aggressive salesman, they should call her, she is relentless.  Funny that I have never in my life had an ovulation problem and funny that they put me on what was giving me the problem, and even funnier that they now want me to come in and "monitor" aka pay $275 each for 4 sonograms to look at my follicle.  No thanks.  I never had a single problem before I started dealing with these idiots.  She also added that my doctor was "recommending IUI with the Intralipids this month"...this month?  Bitch, please do not act like you have had a specific conversation with him about me and that he has given some kind of special diagnosis.  He recommends IUI with Intralipids every month! And it's ridiculous to keep selling it to me because you can shoot the jimmys at my egg all you want, but it will not be around for long, once implanted, so give it a rest.  And I love the questions she asks me when I call to schedule the intralipids. Nurse: "Now, when did you end up getting your period?" Me: "Saturday",  then she begins counting like she has any say whatsoever on what day I get the intralipids (the doctor recommends giving it at ovulation, which is a huge crock of sh*t, and I insisted upon getting it when I wanted it and that gives them the major red ass).  I hate them.  I know it's bad energy to be negative and blah blah blah, but I hate them.  She talks baby talk to me throughout the entire conversation and I hate her. 

It's a new month, though, and I will get my 2nd infusion Friday.  I am not taking aspirin, so there is no reason to believe that I'll have any problems ovulating this month.  Although, if I do, I may rip my eyeballs out.  But no reason to think I will.  We'll see.

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