Things I Have Learned About Health Insurance Companies (so far)

1.  They hate women.

2.  They hate anyone who files a claim.

3.  You are just a number.  Not a soul, not a follicle, you are a number.

4.  Your insurance file is, in fact, your permanent record.  What's on there, stays on there and it will determine your coverage for the rest of your life.

5.  They quality and accuracy of the information you are provided simply depends on the person you reach and how well/shitty their day is going.

6.  If you want a second opinion and you have already been "diagnosed", i.e. been told by one doctor after a few tests that you are involuntarily infertile, your insurance will not cover the consultation with that doctor.  Or any other doctors related to that issue, for that matter. 

7.  Insurance will tell you they cover a procedure, like an intralipids infusion, and when the time comes to bill the procedure, they dispute the coding with your physicians office and do not actually cover it.  (You thought you had no bill, turns out you owe them $3689.) 

8.  Any questions you call and ask them can and WILL go on your permanent record.

9.  Micro IVF is available.  You can get the same treatment, same medications, same procedure but with half the doses and half the cost. 

10.  See your OBGYN first.  Research, research, research.  Then, if you can figure out what's wrong with you (you don't ovulate, you have irregular periods, etc), go see every other doctor you can BEFORE you ever see an RE.

11.  Dallas doesn't have a single decent RE.  Not a single one.  See: Colorado, Cornell, Houston.