Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I turned 32. Did my egg disappear with my youth?

So as I've said many times before, I am so thankful that my cycle is still functioning like clockwork.  Somewhat.  I usually have a period on CD 28 around 9am and ovulate on CD 13-14.  Well, today is CD 14 and when I tested this morning, I was showing a high level, but not peak.  NOT PEAK.  Of course this has completely freaked me out.  I turned to Dr. Google, pouring over his many entries.  Followed with my many fertility books.  Luteal phase defect?  Endometriosis?  Crap!  I have been having, what I would call, some pretty heavy ovulation cramps (in fact, I am having them right now!) for the last 3 days, I'm bloated, but my boobs aren't sore.  Now, since we took time off, I can't remember exactly how I have felt during ovulation in the past, but this sure seems right, but no peak level?? 

I know it's not the end of the world, I'm sure ovulating on CD 15 is fine, but it's the CD16+ I'm worried about.  Maybe I just didn't ovulate this month, I know it's natural.  It would just seem very ironic that on the very month we start trying again and include a $200 intralipid, I don't ovulate.  Crap crap crap.

I got really depressed about it today, though.  I haven't felt that down since, well, the last 6 months of trying to concieve.  Taking a break was really a break for me.  I didn't have to think about peeing on sticks of any kind, charting, researching, cramps, twinges, implantation, sore boobs, metallic tastes.  You know.  The usual.  And I will have to say it was nice.  I get stressed just thinking about the TTC Game. 

Hopefully this will all be resolved in the morning when I see a full fertility bar and a little egg on my monitor.  Until then, I will most likely flip the F out.

Go, little egg, go!

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