Sunday, March 6, 2011

Cautiously optimistic

Ever since I found out about this $150 infusion thing, I am so optimistic.  I am actually excited about controlling my own plan.  But should I feel positive?  Nothing about this entire process has gone according to plan and with a 0% success rate! I spent about an hour planning my "attack" on those little NK's last night before bed.  I carefully poured over the timeline Dr. S gave me in order to schedule what days I would start aspirin, progesterone, infusions, etc. for myself. 

I can safely say I have never been more excited, nervous, anxious, ready, and terrified than I am now with this whole experiment.  If a couple of rounds of this doesn't work, then I will have no choice but to re-assess the whole process and face the fact that there may be something really, actually wrong, apart from this ridiculous ANA/NKa nonsense.  Nothing in my life is ever easy, so I feel like I might be getting off a little easy on this one.  Could it be that I have actually found the solution?  Better yet, could it be, despite the price tag and physical toll that other afflictions carry, that I have found a way to get pregnant that's not going to put us out on the street?  Again, nothing in my life has ever worked out easily, I just don't have that kind of luck, but we'll see.  Of course,  I will be thoroughly recording each and every aspect, in hopes of sharing it with everyone who has had to swallow the $600 (times 4-5 treatments) in addition to the other costs of trudging up Mount Deperately Seeking Baby. 

Here's the tenative schedule, so far:

CD 1:  Here we go
CD 3:  Intralipid Infusion #1
CD 4:  Start baby aspirin
CD 11:  Intralipids start to take effect (day 8)
CD 13:  Ovulation
CD 19:  Start Progesterone
CD  23:  10 dpo, if implantation occured (or if it felt like it), 1st beta at OBGYN
CD  27:  Beta #2 (4 days after my first, a little nervous about this, may change #1 to CD 24), also the day before AF, so I will definitely know if I was successful or not by now.
CD 28:  AF?
CD 29:  Infusion #2

Sheesh.  The good news is, this try will not cost me $15,000.  It will not even cost me $600.  So I am thankful and will vow not to stress or put too much pressure on myself.  I will devote more time to yoga, acupuncture, and meditation to avoid over analyzation and insanity. 

Next obstacle: calling my doctor and convincing him to give me the referral for Inralipids.  The entire office is full of bitches, so we'll just see.  Fingers tightly crossed.

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