Thursday, March 10, 2011

Infertile with Implantation Problems vs Nurse Krissy

The nurse in my RE's office is clueless.

I called yesterday to really tackle this referral/prescription issue (yes, believe it, still fucking dealing with this bullshit) in hopes of getting things squared away and the ball rolling as it has been over a week since I sent my request and still no response/relief/reaction.  She calls and acts completely offended and disturbed that I am going elsewhere for my infusions.  EX:  (with a tone) "Um, is there any way you could send us some information?  We know nothing about Walgreens, we usually just send people across the street."  Um, am I the only person that's ever sought a second opinion, done research, saved money, gone against your lying, thieving program?  Sad.  And I'm quite aware that you send people "across the street", it's where you make the most money.  Ironically, they were in OptionCare/Walgreen's system.  The doctor was obviously playing dumb because he didn't stand to make a cent, which is what I'm aiming for.  Dr. P is really something else. 

He also administers intralipids at or around ovulation.  This fact is laughable to me because a) I'm not even a doctor and I know that's not right, b) intralipids take 7-10 days to take effect, c) if administered at ovulation, I have no shot at implantation success.  So I am basically having to beg some moron, who has no business being in practice, to let me have some say on my own treatment and allow me to infuse at CD 6, which in my book is still a little late.  Oh really?  And how it must behoove him to administer on ovulation.  If people are going through him for infusions (at $700 a pop) and he infuses at ovulation, the chances at success are significantly lower.  What a crime.  If that's not an unethical practice, I truly don't know what is.  He is a shifty little bastard who couldn't care less about women and their empty wombs.  In fact, he likes it that way.

I cannot wait until I either get pregnant or get over wanting a baby because I will launch a fucking campaign against this criminal.  Every message board, every blog, every review site, hell, I may even hand out flyers at his door. 

I should know more by Friday and hopefully have all of this straightened out (yes that's 11 business days after initial request.  What a factory they have there).  But I won't be any less mad. 

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